My art liberates my analytical mind and provides a channel to my creativity. Intuition plays an integral role in my work. Surrendering to my inspiration provides me the gift of being the first observer of the physical manifestation of an unconscious process.

My purpose is to provide a playful canvas that evokes a sense of peace, reflection, fantasy joy and inspires a different processing of the senses for the viewer. Art is my form of mindful meditation. It is an intimate communion with spirit and my heart where time does not exist.


Dorothy is an International Artist whose private collections can be found throughout the United States, Canada, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland.

After a successful career in international finance and corporate banking with an MBA, Honors Bachelor’s degree in commerce and BA in economics, Dorothy was driven by a life-threatening/near-death experience to paint. The event heightened her intuition resulting in a unique style of watercolors that intertwines her emotions and personality into an exciting genre of abstract expressionism.

“Surrendering to my inspiration is a gift where I am the first observer of the unconscious process where time does not exist. My purpose, as an artist, is to provide a playful canvas that evokes peace, reflection, fantasy and joy,” said Dorothy.

In addition to creating large canvas works, Dorothy also has created a line of scarves, leggings, pouches and totes that feature her vibrant florals and abstracts.

Her work is available for sale on her website and at select art shows.

Dorothy speaks English, Hungarian, German and French.

What others have to say about her work:

  • “Dorothy’s images are unique, vibrant and beautiful.”
  • “Her art is unique in its movement and in the combination of colors that she uses.”
  • “Her Work evokes strong images, memories and feelings to mind.” 
  • “Pure gold.”
  • “Stunning and elegant.”
  • “Her Work is lively, fun and filled with imagination and sparkles with joy.”
  • “A delicious box of jewelry… just waiting to pick through and enjoy every piece”