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"Tonight was a girls' Christmas party, and I had bought the travel-size bags to share, each stuffed with several fun travel items. Everyone oohed and aahed over your gorgeous artistry and your ingenuity in getting your work imprinted on the bags! I was patting myself on the back for having the best gift of the night, thanks to you!"



“Dorothy's images are unique, vibrant and beautiful.“

“Her art is unique in its movement and in the combination of colors that she uses.“

“Her work evokes strong images, memories and feelings to mind.“

“Pure gold.“

“Stunning and elegant.“

“Her work is lively, fun and filled with imagination and sparkles with joy.“

“A delicious box of jewelry.... just waiting to pick through and enjoy every piece“

"The color, the vibrance, the joy"

“Your artwork expresses such joy in color. I feel its beauty” 


"Love it!"


“Immediately hung my new love!

Oh my....thank you.”

Kathy C., Jan. 26, 2019