Florals & Stills - Field of Poppies Scarves

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Field of FlowersScarfsquare space .jpg

Florals & Stills - Field of Poppies Scarves


Scarves with Field of Poppies

These silk scarves with field of poppis make outstanding gifts for anyone to give and receive … especially when you can get one for yourself.

  • Custom Designed

  • 100% - 16 mm Hand Rolled Silk Twill 36"x36" Scarf

  • Double Sided Print 


Delivery time usually will be 15-25 days to USA, Canada, Australia, and major European countries.

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Caring for your Field of Poppies scarf

Washing & Caring

Dry cleaning is recommended for silk scarves. If you want to wash your silk scarf by hand, please be sure to follow these instructions:

  • Wash your silk scarf separately

  • Always use a special detergent meant for natural silk, or use Marseille soap

  • Wash quickly in a large quantity of water

  • Stretch the scarf to its original shape

  • Do not use a tumble dryer

  • Use steam iron (low temperature) on the scarf back before it is completely dry